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Exciting packaging designed to mete out creams,
ointiments, serums, lotions in a pen-like fashion.
Please visit www.dispensingpen.com for more information

Ergonomically shaped bottle able to accept many
different closures. Please visit www.ergogrippen.com
for more information

Next generation spray technology utilized to dispense
spray products. Both large and travel-size dispensers
can spray in inverted positions

Unique packaging system capable of dispensing two
products through one actuator or two actuators.
The design can accept blending tips to mix formulations

Attractive new design able to employ an array of features,
such as brushes, lip gloss tips, silicone applicator tips,
combs, foot applicator tips, and more

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Airless Metered Dose Pens

ErgoGrip Pen

Dual Bottle

Spray Pen

Retractable Feature Technology

1-3ml AMD Slim Pen