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Global Contract Manufacturing Alliances     U.S. Contract Fill Alliance

   U.S. Contract Fill Alliance

LPG’s recommended contract fillers all comply with today’s industry filling and
fulfillment criteria's.

Quality Assurance Department which ensure that production meets the most
stringent current GMP requirements.

LPG is associated with FDA-compliant facilities, which have ongoing adherence
to the protocols mandated by federal and state agencies.
Analytical testing employs advanced equipment and techniques to ensure raw
material purity.         

QA has complete control of all inventory into, through, and out of the facility;
QA inspections are performed on incoming components and chemicals, in-process bulk,
and finished goods.           

QA performs internal audits and has a rigorous self-improvement and training

There are Standard Operating Procedures for all processes, and QA maintains
complete manufacturing batch records.

GMP-compliant manufacturing facility is fully registered to produce OTC
pharmaceuticals, alcohol-based products and all types of cosmetic and
consumer products. A broad range of manufacturing kettles and tanks.
custom formulations or customized formulations. All manufacturing and
filling processes are fully validated.