Delivering Topically the Precise Amount of Product Based on Surface Contact

Controlled Flow Rate Applicator

The patented AccuSpot technology is a controlled flow rate of fluid that is transferred via an applicator tip. The applicator tip is configured for a treatment area of the body.

Once surface contact is made, the liquid transfer begins and continues to deliver a controlled flow till the contact is released and removed from the surface.

This device is mess free and always ready to deliver the same controlled amounts based on surface contact.


Precise Tip Applicator

Applicator tip made for the surface point of contact

Ergonomic Handheld Pen

Mess free control

Customizable Fill Volumes

Custom sizing for the application

Child Resistant Cap Upgrade

Optional safety features for protection

Customizable Tip & Body Configurations

Custom ergonomics to meet the delivery site

Customizable Flow Rates

Designed to adapt to the requirement for surface transfer


Pain Relief

Animal Healthcare


Foot and Fungus Care


Skin and Wound Care


Health and Beauty

Lip Care

Medicinal Cannabis Treatment

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We can develop the right metered dosing & controlled dispensing delivery system for your products.

AccuSpot provides next generation topical delivery devices for precise drug and OTC applications for human use as well as veterinary markets.