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Topical and Oral Cannabis products are leveraging our controlled dosing delivery systems (AMD’s, DripRite’s, CaPod’s and UpRights) for everyday uses from chronic pain relief to nutritional supplementation.

Having a discreet way to meter your cannabis intake has become a relatively acceptable practice and routine for the customer. We recommend experiencing our devices on your next market launch. Whether it be for active people or the family pet, convenience and comfort in delivering a proper dose can be provided.

CaPod Pre-Filled Unit Dose Caps

CaPod pre-filled measured unit dose caps are ideal for dispensing controlled doses of powders, granules, or liquids.

They can be custom-designed for large or small doses that require administration in a liquid suspension.

Customization for CaPods can include design, fabrication, custom labeling, and branding, and fit on any standard bottle dimension thread specification.

AccuSpot Controlled Flow Rate Applicator

The AccuSpot controlled flow rate applicator is ideal for precise medical cannabis treatment. The convenient applicators con be produced with customized tip and body configurations.

Customizable fill volumes and flow rates make the applicator ideal for controlled delivery of topical liquids. AccuSpot may be custom-labeled and branded.

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We can develop the right metered dosing & controlled dispensing delivery system for your products.

Medicinal Cannabis Dosing Dispensers

Our controlled dosing devices assist in the delivery of today’s medicinal cannabis practices and provide child resistant requirements.