Meeting Today’s Healthcare Needs

Laboratory Supply

Lucas Packaging has developed a series of Specimen Transport Tubes and Home Administered Collection systems for today’s Home Testing for Covid-19 and other infectious indications.

Our D-Release and Mini CaPod systems offer passive infusions of product to the Transport Collection Tube while incorporating a secure solution.


Accepts D-Release Caps

Passive Action D-Release valve for introduction of additive ingredients

Accepts Pre-filled CAPOD Caps

User-Activated push button introduction of additive ingredients

Child Resistant Cap Upgrade

CR over shell add-on option

Indexing Lugs

Built in automation indexing lugs

Cap Gasket Upgrade

Add-on O-ring or gasket for oil-tight seals

Insertable Swap

Built in features to accept snap in swaps or other collection probes

Cartridge Options

Designed for use as cartridge re-fills in our AMD Pen series

Available in 5ml and 10ml Sizes

Custom sizes available

Home Administered Test Kits

Covid-19 Specimen Collection

Analytical Testing

Medical Marijuana Transport


Let's Get Started

We can develop the right metered dosing & controlled dispensing delivery system for your products.

A range of specimen transport tubes and home administrated testing solutions that can be customized.