Conventional Dispensing of Products Using Proven Patented Technology

AMD UpRights

The AMD UpRights offer a conventional upright dispensing flair while supplying optional and configurable dispensing heads for Spray and Gel Lotion applications.

Still allowing for controlled dosing with accuracy in a wide variety of markets, the UpRight brand is a full 360 degrees dispenser that leverages all our features and applications that the AMD Pen line does.


Conventional Handling

Index finger activation

Spray or Gel Tip Nozzles

The UpRight can accept either option and be tailored to the application

Child resistant caps

Push and turn CR caps

Stock Fill Volume Sizes Available

10ml, 15ml, 20ml with 25ml and 30ml in planning

Custom Configurations

We can adapt to any market application offering full product development for dosing, shapes, sizes, color and fill levels

Veterinary Animal Healthcare

Oral Dental Care

Skin Care Dermatology

Drug Pharmaceuticals

Women's Healthcare

Supplement Additives

Pain Management

Lip Care


Any market application that a Gel, Cream, Lotion or Liquid is used

Let's Get Started

We can develop the right metered dosing & controlled dispensing delivery system for your products.

AMD UpRight Spray Delivery Systems

Airless Metered UpRights provide variable dosing options for your next spray and semi-solid product launch.