Product that can be dispensed with CaPod

The supplement vitamin markets that offer liquid or powder nutritional supplements will find devices to accurately measure granular products, powders, liquids and oils in unit dose form or multi-dose delivery systems.

Flavored and energy gel additives can now be offered in concentrate forms and metered to the correct usage using products like DripRite or CaPods. Just about any nutritional or concentrated supplements can be made into an On-The-Go product using our delivery systems.

CaPod Pre-Filled Unit Dispensing Caps

CaPod pre-filled measured unit dose caps are ideal for dispensing controlled doses of nutritional supplements in powder, granule, or liquid form.

They can be custom-designed for desired fill volumes of concentrates that require administration in a liquid suspension.

Customization for CaPods can include design, fabrication, custom labeling, and branding, and fit on any standard bottle dimension thread specification.

AccuSpot Controlled Flow Applicator

The AccuSpot controlled flow rate applicator is made for a surface point-of-contact treatment. The convenient applicators can be produced with customized tip and body configurations.

Customizable fill volumes and flow rates make the applicator ideal for controlled delivery of topical liquids. AccuSpot offers mess-free control and may be custom-labeled and branded.

DripRite is an easy to use add-on to a delivery system that meters controlled amounts of nutritional product. It provides one-hand dispensing with a simple one-button activation.

The stock DripRite Cap fits on industry standard dropper bottles or can be used with Lucas Packaging proprietary Airless Bottles.

DripRite allows for a mess-free and safe method of dispensing liquids without having to screw a dropper on and off each time.

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