The Ideal Packaging Solutions Provider

Since 1989, Lucas Packaging Group has produced innovative designs and proprietary metered dosing “mechanisms” that have transformed the controlled dosing industry. 

We are the ideal packing solution provider when your product design requires precise medical dosing delivery systems.

Our metered dosing applicators precisely control the dispensing of liquids, gels, or powdered drugs and compounds. Our products include precise engineering and manufacturing specifications, designed to be eligible for FDA Approval.

Custom Applications For Any Market

We design, test, manufacture and bring to market unique and proprietary packaging and dispensing devices for companies of all sizes. From enterprise pharmaceutical companies to start-ups in multiple markets, you can find products delivering solutions for:

Cannabis Products • Drug & Pharmaceutical Applications • Dermatological Products
Nutritional Supplements • Veterinary & Animal Care Products

Unlimited Possibilities

Leveraging our latest 3D CAD tools provides an early prospective to the unlimited possibilities your product can evolve into.

SLA Functional Modeling

SLA Functional Modeling offers a real feel and semi-functional experience in a pre-production environment.

This allows our design team and your marketing and development teams to make critical decisions early on in the creation of new innovative dispensers and delivery systems.

Full Development Program

Working outside of our IP, LPG offers a full development program to help tailor a platform that goes beyond our core technologies.

We will work closely to extract conceptional thinking and develop real next generation delivery systems.

Unmatched Support 

From Concept to Commercialization and Beyond

Let's Get Started

We can develop the right metered dosing & controlled dispensing delivery system for your products.

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