Fits on Standard Bottle Neck Finishes – Custom Neck Finishes are Available

CaPod Delivers Unit Dosing

CaPod delivers unit dosing of powder, granular or liquid products for everyday consumer usages. Just screw on your CaPod to a water bottle or beverage container of choice. Then add the pre-filled content for the proper dosing supplied.

These Pre-Packed CaPods are ready for the on-the-go to home-taken-remedies consumer.


Fits on any Standard Bottle Dimension Thread Specification

Stock CaPods come in 28mm neck finishes. Other can finishes are available

Custom Colors

Any PMS Color match can be achieved

Custom Fill Volumes Available

CaPods can be customized to fill desired fill volumes

Holds Liquids or Powder Concentrates

CaPods can be filled with liquids, granules or powders

Nutritional Supplements

Energy Boosters


CBD and Cannabis Products

Pharmaceutical Medication dosing

Baby Formula


Let's Get Started

We can develop the right metered dosing & controlled dispensing delivery system for your products.

Three CaPod Dispensing Caps

CaPod Unit Pre-Filled Dosing Caps add measured controlled dispensing of your products.